"20-plus year migraine sufferer here… it’s worth every penny."
- D Taylor, Icekap customer

Icekap® Cool Cap

1400+ Reviews

Targeted, soothing relief, with up to 3 hours of cooling and compression you control. Use as a cold or warm compress.


Your secret weapon for knocking out headaches fast.

  • • 3 Hours of Cold: Medical-grade gel packs stay cold longer
  • Custom Compression: Patented design relieves pain with tension band.
  • • Maximum Comfort: Soft fleece inlay makes it wearable for hours on end
  • • Targeted Cooling: Removable gel packs and a unique "back flap" help you relieve pain all over your head
  • • Designed in Canada: By a woman who has suffered from migraines her entire life


To help you get the perfect amount of compression, we offer Cold Caps in 4 sizes. We highly recommend taking 1 minute to measure your head before choosing your size.

  • 1 Icekap Cold Cap
  • 5 medical-grade gel ice packs
  • Usage and care instructions


If you don't love your Icekap for any reason, contact us within 60 days for a no-questions-asked refund.

If you've ordered a size that doesn't fit, we're more than happy to do a size exchange or full refund. We'll cover the cost of a size exchange, but we will have to ask you to cover the shipping.

But you should be able to avoid all that hassle by following these steps:

  1. Follow our sizing guide to find out the size you'll likely need. We recommend measuring a few times, just to be sure.
  2. If you find your measurement "between sizes," round up. You can tighten a larger Cool Cap to fit your head, but you can't make a small one any looser.

For returns, as well as any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact support@icekap.com

Cold Therapy + Compression

Built for migraines.

Used for sports, stress, hangovers, colds, chemo, concussions, & more.
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Up To 3 Hours of Relief

Targeted cold therapy whenever you need it.

The Icekap® Cool Cap gives you the pain relieving power of cold therapy, with medical grade gel packs that stay cold for up to 3 hours.

Occipital Compression

Adjustable, pain‑relieving compression.

The only headache relief cap with adjustable bands for compression that's as firm or gentle as you need it to be.

Girl wearing Icekap holding adjustable straps
Girl wearing Icekap and sleeping with head on pillow

Premium Materials

So comfy, you could fall asleep in it.

These medical-grade gel packs stay soft, even when ice-cold. Combine that with an adjustable fit and fleece inlay, and you've got a recipe for maximum comfort when you need it most.

Icekap Cold and Compression Benefits

Made by a Migraine Sufferer.

Trusted by Doctors.

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Made in Canada Maple Leaf
Designed in Canada

By a woman who has suffered from migraines her entire life

"I was tired of losing my life to migraines."

Andrea Jones Signature
Andrea Jones
Founder, IceKap

I've been a migraine sufferer for most of my life, and fellow sufferers know that it's completely debilitating — and the side effects of most medications, if they help at all, can be a turn-off for many. I was tired of cheap "ice sleeves" that stayed cold for a few minutes — not long enough to provide real relief.

I decided to build the very best headache relief hat possible — but I had no idea that it would later be trusted by pro athletes, doctors, practitioners, and everyday people who use it for recovery, relaxation, and relief.

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Our 60-day
money-back guarantee

If you don't love your Icekap® Cool Cap for any reason, contact us within 60 days for a no-questions-asked refund.

We donate returned Cool Caps to charity, where they're used in medical settings to provide soothing relief for brain trauma and chemo patients.

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What are people saying about the Icekap® Cool Cap?

If you suffer from migraines this is something you need to purchase also purchase the extra ice packs that go with this it puts pressure on your head and all the right places and helps to relieve migraines in a short amount of time
Rikki Celentano
Instant cooling down for my whole head. My husband gets chronic headaches and head pressure. Played 18 holes of golf and after 10 minutes with this on he's cooled down and napping.
April Clark
I'll admit i wasn't so sure it would help, cuz like nothing does for my chronic migraines. But when I got it, I actually had a migraine that day. So I went home, slapped it in my freezer, took my meds, took a shower. I put this on as I was laying down to try and nap. OMG! It dulled my pain enough for me to fall asleep and I slept great!
Claire Mendez
I can't believe how much the Cool Cap has helped me! From the amount of ice packs and the placement to the pressure it places on my head, it's amazing. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from chronic migraines and headaches. It's money well spent!
Kathryn Hanson
Finally an ice pack that stays where it needs to, puts pressure where it needs to, and is long lasting. You can even sleep on it. Need darkness? Pull it down a bit. 20 plus year migraine sufferer here, it's worth every penny. I ordered an xl with a 22 inch head and it's perfect.
D Taylor
I had a concussion two years ago and ever since my brain has felt like it’s floating inside my skull. This is the ONLY thing that at last makes my head feel stable and secure! My husband bought this for me for Christmas. Best early Christmas present ever!!
Zack C
I have Chiari Malformation and suffer from headaches most everyday. This Icekap is worth every penny and is a life saver for me. I throw the whole thing in the freezer and it’s ready when I need it. It also holds up great in the washer and dryer.
Natalie M

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