I have used mine 3 times til now and it helped so much!!! One time I did not have to take a medication !!! The gel pack over the head and at the back of the head is so helpfull! For me it’s never too cold and stay colder longer so its perfect for me. I recommEnd it for every migraineur. Its the system I was waiting for!!!

Isabelle V.

I’ve worn ICEKAP while driving. It keeps my head very clear and focused. Very helpful, but I look like provincial police. It would great to have a more dressed up version for those occasions when you need to wear to it for the family dinner. My family call me Darth Vadar but the always make sure I have it with me.

Anny F.

It’s one of the only things that helps my debilitating migraines, without the ICEKAP I wouldn’t be able to go about my daily life. I usually get my migraines above my eyes so it’s the perfect thing for it.

Farrah W.

The ICEKAP always helps me when a headache is brewing. I can’t live without it. It really comforts me and relaxes me. Usually I don’t use any meds to take the headache away, just the ice cap. I am so grateful for this product as before I used to use regular ice packs that would fall off my head, but the ICEKAP is awesome as I can wear it in home or wear it out and it looks great on. Thank you for your product!

Karen E.

It helps hangovers. No really! LOL, I love my ICEKAP.

Ina M.

I love my ICEKAP. It’s my go to when a headache strikes.

Karen E.

Hi ICEKAP beautiful people, just want to thank you for making my Mothers Day a drug free ICEKAP relief day!!!! Love it and bought one for my Mom too!!! thanks for this great relief!!!!

Angela S. T.

I cannot live without my ICEKAP! I believe I’ve had it about 2 years and travel with it and people are always trying it and I send people your way. High quality, just cold enough, lasting cold, always ready in freezer, and priced right. Covers my forehead, sides of my head and especially down the back of my neck all at the same time. I walk around and sleep with it sometimes. LOVE IT.

Anne P.

ICEKAP helped me so much! One time I did not have to take my medication. The gel pack over the head and at the back of the head is so helpful! For me it’s never too cold and it stays colder longer so it’s perfect for me.
I recommend ICEKAP for every migraine sufferer – the system I was waiting for!

Isabel S.

I love my ICEKAP! It is inexpensive when you compare it to the cost of pain and suffering you go through with migraines.
When I put the ICEKAP on my head, WOW, how wonderful! I wish I’d had one 20 years ago! The best investment for my migraines!

Debbie H.

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