July 2016 Icekap or Frozen Veggies?

July 2016 - Icekaps or Frozen Veggies?  Your choice! 


 A lot of people post on our Facebook pages to say that they try to relieve their migraines with frozen ice packs or a variety of frozen veggies, often tied on with a ski-band, a toque, a scarf or a ball cap.  There’s not much you can do then but lie down and wait for the migraine to go away or for the ice to melt or slide off, whichever comes first. 

But what if you need to be active?  Go to work, look after the children, run to the shop?  Many people have moved on from wet messy unstable ice packs to our patented Icekap.  Buyers tell us that they are using Icekap to get their migraine-ridden lives back together again - and they are clearly not exaggerating. 

Icekap was originally designed to relieve migraine pain, but we soon found that people were buying them for post-concussion pain, fibromyalgia, “false brain tumour”, Arnold Chiari malformation, MS, sinus pain, and a variety of other conditions that resulted in severe headaches.   Children with Chiari found them particularly valuable. 

We did no advertising and just about every Icekap we sold was the result of enthusiastic migraine blog reports, word-of-mouth and user comments on Facebook.  We generated some 45,000 “likes” in less than six months and our supportive Facebook community is often quicker to answer our posters’ questions than we are! 

Why is this?  Why does Icekap sell in such numbers all over the world?  First of all, it works for most people.  We can’t say “all people” because there are a few it probably won’t help.  But no other migraine relief seems to work as well.  Second, at $60 US it is inexpensive.  Some people pay more than that for a single pill or for acupuncture or Botox treatment – and then they find it doesn’t work as well as they’d expected. 

We make no claim to curing migraines or any related condition.  But we can claim to make an effective form of topical relief available to many of those who need it.  It is soothing, comfortable, adjustable, starts providing relief as soon as you put it on and it takes most of the pain away quickly.  Customers tell us that they can drive in it, go to work in it, do housework in it and wear it to the mall. 

Our customers also love:

Flexibility – works with heat or ice

Immediate – soothing pain relief in seconds – no waiting for drugs to take effect

Patented adjustable tension band - applies pressure to key points of the head during a migraine

A “pony tail hole” that keeps your hair out of the way and the cold closer to your skin on the neck

Stays in place all night if need be - not like those messy frozen peas

All natural – no drugs and no chemicals (of special interest to expectant mums)

Hard wearing - lasts for ages, even if worn daily

For an active lifestyle – you can drive in it

For active moms – no need to crash out on the sofa

Perfect placement of the gel packs

Customers are not shy about exchanging their views on our Facebook comments page.  Among them are “awesome”, “wonderful”, “genius”, “life-changing”, “love it!” “amazing”, “a godsend”, “fabulous”, “brilliant”, “heavenly”, “perfect”, “priceless”, and “best purchase ever”.   

They are not likely to return to their ice packs and frozen veggies!

Chris Jones

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