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Icekap for Intercranial Hypertension

I just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how much I absolutely love my IceKap!
I have Intercranial Hypertension, which is a rare, incurable neurological disease that affects the amount of fluid pressure on my brain.
My symptoms include a constant, severe headache, among many other things.
Up until I found out about the IceKap I was relying heavily on cold compresses and ice packs around the clock. As anyone knows, that is wet and inconvenient.
My Icekap has been such a great addition to my healthcare routine. I use it all the time.  
When I originally ordered, the estimate for delivery was within 7-14 business days, it arrived in three. I was elated!
And when I put it on for the first time... As your box says, "relief is here"!
Thank you so much for under promising and over delivering.
I tell everyone I know about your product and my experience with the lightning fast delivery.
My husband can't wait for his to come. (aka, my spare LOL)

Great Job!!!!!


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