August 2016 - Icekap FAQs


What is Icekap?

Icekap is a comfortable purpose-designed cap which may be worn for the temporary relief of many types of severe headache.  Customers tell us that they are using Icekap for painful headache symptoms associated with:


Brain tumor

Multiple Sclerosis

False brain tumor

Traumatic brain injury


Post-concussion headache

Arnold-Chiari malformation

Occipital Neuralgia

Viral Meningitis


Tension headache

Hemiplegic migraine

Post-chemotherapy cooling 

Lyme disease 

Reducing hair-loss during chemotherapy


Post-stroke cooling 

Cervicogenic (neck) headaches

Fever reduction in children

Sinus pain

Hot flashes

Use by children

Icekap is safe for use by children with a few precautions.  Children love it for migraines, headaches, fevers and Chiari conditions.  We recommend that they consult a medical practitioner before use and not wear Icekap for more than about 20 minutes at a time.  If the condition persists, return to your medical practitioner. 

Where is Icekap available?

Icekap is available only from Icekap Therapeutics Inc. of Saanichton BC Canada at or by calling 1-855-9ICEKAP toll free.  It is not yet available in stores.  Icekap is usually delivered to your home in a few days by UPS. 

Please use a street address when ordering your Icekap as UPS does not deliver to PO Box numbers.

Is Icekap available in other countries?

Yes.  Icekap has been shipped to about 10 countries in addition to Canada and the US, including the UK, Australia, the EU and Scandinavia. 

How do the gel packs fit?

See the video on our Facebook page at

Does Icekap cure the conditions that create the headaches?

No.  Icekap provides temporary relief which immediately reduces the pain and often disperses it entirely.  Many users find that regular use minimizes their pain and enables them to lead “normal” and active lives once again.

Are any drugs involved?

No.  Icekap is entirely drug-free.  Users find they can rely less on prescription or OTC pain killers, some entirely. This is particularly important to expecting and new mothers. 

Will Icekap reduce your visits to the ER?

Many users find they have less need to visit the ER to take those “migraine cocktails”.

How does Icekap work?

Icekap has medical-quality gel-packs which fit inside the cap.  Icekap is stored in the freezer and taken out and worn when the need arises. 

Can Icekap be used with heat?

Yes!  Some users find heat more effective than cold in reducing their pain.  So the gel-packs may be heated in the microwave or in hot water and inserted in the cap.  Some users use both hot and cold treatments at the same time.   

Where do the gel-packs go? 

There are three gel packs - a 12x3 inch band from temple to temple across the front of the Icekap, a 5x8 inch gel-pack on the crown of the head and another 5x8 inch gel-pack at the base of the skull in the occipital region.

We have just introduced Icekap 2.0 which contains a small additional gel-pack at each side.  Please see the order form for current availability.

Is the pressure adjustable?

As well as being available in four sizes, each Icekap has an adjustable pressure-band with Velcro straps.  Users can adjust the pressure to their own comfort level. Many find this additional pressure highly effective in reducing pain. 

Do I need “Essential Oils”?

“Essential Oils” – a therapeutic blend of peppermint and lavender - are sold with Icekap.  While many users find them greatly relaxing, some do not, so we sell them as an option. 

However, we do find that many Icekap users who have not used essential oils before find them soothing and relaxing. 

How long does Icekap stay cold?

The gel-packs usually stay cold about 30-45 minutes but some people make them last up to two hours.  Much depends on the ambient temperature. 

What if my Icekap is too cold?

Some users find their Icekaps too cold, especially for the first few uses.  Take your Icekap out of the freezer and let it sit for a few moments before wearing or put a thin piece of soft material between the Icekap and your head until the Icekap warms up a little.  You might find a domestic chest-freezer and a medical freezer as found in hospitals too cold. 

Icekap 2.0 has a soft liner for the temples to reduce any discomfort. 

Why should I buy extra gel-packs?

Many customers buy an extra set of gel-packs to keep in the freezer or at work.  Then if the pain persists you can swap the gel-packs over and put the first set back in the freezer. 

Will my Icekap absorb freezer odors?

It might, so always keep your Icekap in the freezer in a zip-loc plastic bag. 

Will Icekap work for me?  Why doesn’t Icekap offer a money-back guarantee?

All headaches are different and migraines are caused by a wide variety of factors and conditions.  While Icekap can relieve the pain associated with many of these conditions we cannot guarantee to address them all.  Nor can we cannot offer a money-back guarantee.  However, we can say that Icekap has worked extremely well for the vast majority of our customers. 

See below for our size exchange policy. 

What if I order the wrong size?

We offer size exchanges or refunds within 30 days of purchase.  Please email for instructions. 

What do our Icekap customers say?

Many of our customers were looking for effective relief for years before they bought their Icekaps.  They say it far better than we ever could - “awesome”, “wonderful”, “genius”, “relaxing”, “a world of difference “, “works great”, “this thing rocks”, “worth every penny”, “life-changing”, “love it!” “a godsend”, “amazing”, “fabulous”, “brilliant”, “heavenly”, “perfect”, “priceless”, “life-saver”, “best purchase ever”.

You can find all these comments on our Facebook page. 

What do the experts say?

For expert reviews of the effectiveness of Icekap, please visit:

In addition, there are hundreds of user testimonials on our Facebook page at


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