Aug 2016 - A wonderful letter from a wonderful customer

Aug 2016 - A wonderful letter from a wonderful customer

I just wanted to say thank you for this product, it has been a godsend. I have been a chronic severe migraine sufferer for almost 25 years. With these "the wrath of Satan hailing down on me" headaches.  I would experience photo-sensitivity, and amplified sensitivity to sound and smells made me vomit every ten to fifteen minutes. The migraines usually lasted for days to weeks. I lived on migraine preventers and ate pain pills like candy when I was attacked with a migraine.  I happened across your advertisement on Facebook one day, read your testimonials from people who have bought an Icekap. I decided what the heck, I have nothing to lose if it doesn't work. So I bought one... And it has changed my life - literally!

The very first migraine that made it to full blown category 5 I put the cap on, went to my room, laid in darkness, prayed to the good Lord "please let this work".... I kid you not, 15 minutes and two ibuprofen later.... It was gone! I didn't need my migraine medicines or the pain pills prescribed for my headaches, just two ibuprofen and your cap!!  No laying in bed crying "I wish someone would just cut off my head, I can't tolerate the pain and everything else that a migraine brings."

I have had the Icekap for a month now, I love it, it has been my savior to let me function and care for my two kids the way I should, but couldn't when I was a slave to migraines.  Many times have gone by that they have had to fend for themselves when I couldn't function to save my life.  I have my life back, I sit here in tears as I write this because now I'm not missing out on time with my kids as much as I use to.

Should migraine sufferers buy this?  Absolutely!  Will they regret it or have anything to lose?  Absolutely no! I have gained my life back, how is that a loss??  I've recommended the Icekap to everyone, including strangers!  I cannot thank you enough, a lifetime of thank yous will never be enough!

Sincerely with all my love, and a forever customer,


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