"Makes all the difference in the world when it comes to pain relief."
- Michelle R, Icekap Customer

Therapy-Grade Gel Packs (5) for Cool Cap

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5 extra medical-grade ice packs, so you can use your Cool Cap as often as you need. Keep them in the freezer, so you're never without relief.

$29.99 CAD

Always be prepared with an extra set of gel packs

  • • LONG-LASTING: Medical-grade gel packs that stay cold for up to 3 hours
  • • DOUBLE YOUR COOLING: Swap them into your Cool Cap® whenever you need to
  • • SOFT WHEN FROZEN: Each pack conforms to your head, for more relief and comfort


The inside of your Cool Cap has 5 numbered pockets. Each number corresponds to a number on a gel pack.

Remove each original gel pack from its pocket, then slide your new pack into it. Each pocket is elastic, so you can stretch it to fit in your new pack — even if it's ice cold.

We recommend always keeping your spare set in the freezer, so it's ready whenever you need it.

  • 5 medical-grade gel ice packs
  • Usage and care instructions


If you don't love your Icekap for any reason, contact us within 60 days for a no-questions-asked refund.

If you've ordered a size that doesn't fit, we're more than happy to do a size exchange or full refund. We'll cover the cost of a size exchange, but we will have to ask you to cover the shipping.

But you should be able to avoid all that hassle by following these steps:

  1. Follow our sizing guide to find out the size you'll likely need. We recommend measuring a few times, just to be sure.
  2. If you find your measurement "between sizes," round up. You can tighten a larger Cool Cap to fit your head, but you can't make a small one any looser.

For returns, as well as any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact support@icekap.com

Cold Therapy + Compression

Double Your Relief.

These medical-grade gel packs are identical to the ones used for the original Icekap® Cool Cap. Cycling through 2 sets of packs ensures that you're never without relief.

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Extend your cold therapy sessions.

These medical-grade gel packs can stay cold for up to 3 hours. With an extra set, you can cycle between them to get even more relief.


The comfiest gel packs you'll ever find.

The gel inside these packs stays soft and malleable at any temperature — so they'll conform to your head for more cooling and more comfort.

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As much, or as little, cooling as you need.

Add or remove gel packs to your Cool Cap — even when they're cold — so you can adjust its overall temperature and only target the cooling areas you want

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