The Delux Icekap 2.0 cooling and warming compress cap for headaches and migraines.

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Icekap is a high quality and  superior product that is being used in hospitals and recommended by health practitioners world wide.  Icekap is designed to sooth and ease migraines, headaches and a variety of other ailments with cold or heat therapy. With the soft, sleek design, Icekap delivers soothing therapy allowing the user to remain active or comfortably curl up into bed. It can offer soothing hot or cold pressure to the key areas of the head, face and neck. With soft contouring ice gel packs, all the target points are covered - allowing the magic of ice to do its work as nature intended. The long lasting medical grade gel packs are removable and can be applied hot or cold in any combination. The tension band is completely adjustable giving users the option of wearing Icekap loose, or tight as a compression cap. Icekap can also be worn backwards to sooth facial and sinus pain. Icekap is the only cap on the market that is adjustable, has a compression band and has total head coverage. With a total of 5 large therapy grade gel packs and pockets, Icekap delivers therapy to the occipital, crown, temporal, and forehead regions of the head and allows the user to choose a combination of gel packs that suits them. There is also a convenient pony tail loop to get your hair up and out of the way if needed. We are flattered by the knock offs but don't be fooled by the copy cats out there.  If it doesn't say Icekap it's not Icekap! 

We are growing and improving! Through all of the testimonials and feedback we have improved ICEKAP with your help! The luxurious DELUX ICEKAP 2.0 has all the wonderful features as our original ICEKAP but now features a snuggly soft fleecy inner material and 2 additional temporal/crown gel packs for maximum therapeutic coverage. ICEKAP 2.0 now has 5 therapy grade gels in total. All the original magic and more!

Fleecy inner material
Highly durable and reusable
Machine washable
Soft, soothing and comfortable
Adjustable tension band
Use hot or cold
Stretchy cap for all over coverage
Drug free
Can be pulled over the eyes and worn backwards for sinus and facial pain
Convenient pony tail loop to get long hair out of the way
Covers neck
Multi use for the whole family
5 medical grade gel packs: can last up to 2 hours and can easily be heated or frozen

LOOSELY measure the LARGEST circumference of your head to determine size. Move up in size if on the half inch measure or if less compression is desired.


SMALL – Up to 20'' circumference for children (Discounted to $29.99. Non refundable)
MEDIUM – Up to 21″ circumference for children and smaller adults 
LARGE – Up to 22'' circumference
X-LARGE – Up to 23″ circumference 
XX-Large- Up to 24'' circumference 

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